5 funny French phrases you’ll hear at Dublin Web Fest

13th Nov 2015 Events

Ireland is no longer that isolated island just left of the British Isles. We are now a home to a plethora of different cultures and identities. Dublin Web Fest reflects that cool diversity. And whos more avant-garde than the French? After all, they invented that word.

You’re bound to spot a few at our French screenings. So we’ve put together a few fun phrases to chat up your ‘nouvelle amie’ (new friend).

1. Drink like a hole

Phrase: ‘Boire comme un trou,’ means to drink like a hole, similar to drinking like a fish. And honesty is always the best policy when meeting new people.

Possible use: Je suis Irlandais/Francais/Insert Nationality here et je bois comme un trou – I am Irish/French, etc., and I drink like a hole. Remember this is just for the LOLs guys. Dub Web Fest promotes sensible drinking, or you’ll miss all the cool happenings. Yep.

2. To be in one’s own plate

Phrase: ‘Être dans son assiette,’ meaning to feel at home.

Possible use: ‘Je suis dans mon assiette à Dublin Web Fest‘ – To be in one’s own plate at Dublin Web Fest. You’ll be saying this phrase quite a lot. Natch.

Let’s return to our sheep.

Phrase: ‘Revenons à nos moutons,’ means ‘let’s get back to the earlier topic’.

Possible use: ‘C’est interessant, mais revenons à nos moutons,” – that’s interesting, but let’s get back to the topic at hand. This might be useful if you’re nouvelle amie is babbling a bit.

Doing a tobacco

Phrase: ‘Faire un tabac,’ means being the toast of the town- ultimately, you should be after learning all these phrases.

Possible use: Someone may point out, ‘Tu va faire un tabac!’ (you are going to be a success), because you have attended a masterclass in writing at Dublin Web Fest. See what we mean? Make the most of these awesome one liners.

Having a spider on the ceiling

Phrase: ‘Avoir une araignée au plafond!,’ means you’re bat-sh*t crazy. The French person you’re talking to you will probably end up saying that after a short period of your mispronunciations. Just don’t blame the teacher.

Possible use: ‘Tu as une araignée au plafond!,’ (You are crazy). Dub Web Fest is not responsible for the overuse of such phrases. Bon chance!

Check out our screenings in the French block of @DubWebFest. Grab a selfie with the French Ambassador to Ireland and try out some of your new language skills. You’ll have great fun, just don’t mention…