MUSIC: 'Good for Nothing Safety' by Twin Musicom

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Dublin Web Fest 2016 Official Selection

Animation Dang it to Heck Australia
Animation Life Sucks! But at Least I Have Elbows Estonia
Animation Meet the Ladybugs S05 USA
Animation John Death Canada
Animation My American Waistline USA
Comedy The Agent Australia
Comedy The wizards of Aus Australia
Comedy The Dump Canada
Comedy Discocalypse Germany
Comedy Emma's Welt Germany
Comedy The Storms of Knowledge Germany
Comedy Il Camerlengo Italy
Comedy Welcome to the Theatre Company Japan
Comedy Made in Mosjoen Norway
Comedy Church Night TV USA
Comedy Redheads Anonymous USA
Comedy The Pantsless Detective, Season 3 USA
Comedy Claire et Michel, le documentaire, Season 2 Canada
Comedy Good Wood Germany
Comedy Jiwi's Machines (European Premiere) NZ
Comedy Rack and Ruin USA
Comedy Successful People USA
Comedy Mortus Corporatus France
Comedy Bad News Good Night USA
Comedy The Hurler, Season 2 (World Premiere) Ireland
Comedy Sketches Mute Series UK
Comedy Sketches Yukata Cowboy, Series 2 USA
Comedy Sketches Listen to the Experts Ireland
Comedy/Horror 20 Seconds to Live USA
Documentary No Strings Attached Australia
Documentary The Graceland Happiness Project Australia
Documentary Hai visto Tom Collins? Italy
Drama/ Thriller/ Mystery Ana Argentina
Drama/ Thriller/ Mystery Hidden Italy
Drama/ Thriller/ Mystery Selfiesh Italy
Drama/ Thriller/ Mystery There's No Sea on Mars Italy
Drama/ Thriller/ Mystery Arthur CH
Drama/ Thriller/ Mystery Coded Canada
Drama/ Thriller/ Mystery Doppelganger South Korea
Drama/ Thriller/ Mystery Public Writer Canada
Drama/ Thriller/ Mystery Shakespeare Republic Australia
Drama/ Thriller/ Mystery Year of Spies UK
Drama/ Thriller/ Mystery Surf Therapy France
Drama/ Thriller/ Mystery Beard Club France
Drama/ Thriller/ Mystery Kill Skills (World Festival Premiere) France
Drama/Thriller Costigan (World Festival Premiere) Ireland
LGBT Pot Luck New Zealand
LGBT Starting from Now Australia
Music video Drifting Ireland
Music video Channel Swimmer - Glisten UK
Music video The Winding Belgium
Music video Demian Grace - Saving Love Russia
Music video Jane Lui - Southern Winds USA
Sci Fi/ Horror/ Fantasy The Partitioned (World Premiere) Canada
Sci Fi/ Horror/ Fantasy Riftworld Chronicles (European Premiere) Canada
Sci Fi/ Horror/ Fantasy Deadbeats France
Sci Fi/ Horror/ Fantasy Cluster Agency France
Scripts Harder - The Series Germany
Scripts They are here Germany
Scripts Pokerface USA
Scripts Bros in Queens USA
Scripts Deirdre of the Sorrows USA
Scripts The Lavender Marriage Ireland
Comedy Darren has a breakdown UK
Comedy Mina's Journal (World Premiere) UK
Scripts A-viary Fethered View Ireland