Cambridge University and TwistedMirror.TV on an exciting project of VOD business model development

31st Jul 2017 Uncategorized

After two successful international web series festival editions, we kept the entrepreneurial momentum alive and set up our indie video-on-demand (VOD) channel - Twistedmirror.TV, a web TV focused on creative short form content.

We have been thrilled by the response to this new phenomenon of the online web series and discussing the format’s future in consultation with a few award-winning series makers. This has led us to develop a VOD business model strategy with two MBA students from Cambridge Judge Business School, the University of Cambridge.

We are working on a VOD platform business model that aims to bring highly entertaining short form video content to wide-ranging audiences through a great online experience. Led by Apoorv Pandit and Jun Karato, the project is intended to establish a better understanding of the short form content ecosystem and in turn the consumer market, including the millennial generation. We will also explore opportunities in various international markets.

Having students from Cambridge on board, who are highly skilled professionals with years of experience, we are looking forward to uncovering new insights and pushing up the level of our services to our customers, followers and partners.


Apoorv and Jun, Cambridge Judge Business School

Erol and Apoorv, with Cambridge Judge Business School

Erol and Apoorv, with Cambridge Judge Business School